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Canyoning (From 10 years old)

What is canyoning ?

Canyoning is a sport that combines walking, climbing and white water swimming to summarize. With a little more detail, canyoning consists in evolving, in different ways, in the bed of a river (with a lot or little water). Some are very vertical, others much less so you progress in different ways. Waterfall abseiling, jumping or tobogganing, basin swimming, or even small rapids “floating”. Equip yourself with neoprene harness and helmet suits and you are ready to discover the secrets of the river.

In recent years, open canyoning or water hiking has appeared, generally practiced in small rivers. This activity appeals to many because this aquatic sport has kept the playful side of canyoning, i. e. without the technical side of rope handling and “eight” (a metal piece in the shape of an 8 to go down on rope when braking). The discovery canyon is therefore suitable for all sports and non-sporting people and for those who are curious and simply want to discover the activity. Canyoning is a progression of a narrow river passing through gorges or ravines with abseiling descents, the discovery canyon is called a water hike because it progresses without harnesses or climbing ropes.

Discovery canyoning or Aqua-rando in the Basque Country

The Discovery Canyoning (or water hike) will allow you to discover the privileged places of the Nive springs, in the heart of the Basque Pyrenees, accessible only by the river. The activity is worth a visit just for the beauty of the site.

Between walking, swimming and jumping, this initiation canyoning course is also called Rando-Aqua. With no harness or rope, you will be free to move and evolve as you wish. Come without apprehension, all obstacles can be bypassed or redone at will.

COCKTAIL AVENTURE, is the only canyoning base in the Basque Country that offers you exclusive access to the private car park located at the end of the route, which saves you a long walk back.


Canyoning in the Basque Country is all about happiness!

There are different ways to have fun during this “water hike“. Walking, by or in the river, over rocks or underneath…. Floating, a technique that allows you to let the current carry you in a lying position. Swimming, you can show us your swimming skills in the natural basins. The jump, get out of the river, climb on rocky promontories. Not sure or apprehensive? Come down quietly! Are you ready?….. JUMP!!! Did you like it??? Then go up and jump again. Jumps range from 2 to 6 meters.

This canyoning located only 5 minutes from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is the closest to the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country. From Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, this one is ideal for half a day of activity.

Discovery Canyoning is perfect for spending a beautiful half-day at your own pace with family or friends.

If you like to play in the water, we recommend the Fruity Formula.

Half-day Discovery Canyoning Course:

-Welcome on the base by our team
-Distribution of adapted equipment
-Shuttle to the place of activity (by your own means of transport)
-Statement of safety and evolution instructions.
-Delivery of equipment to the instructor after the activity
-It is up to you to stay in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (visit or quench your thirst), or to return to the base to take a shower.

Provided equipment:
  • 5mm full neoprene suit
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene Sock
  • Protective pants
Required equipment:
  • Closed shoes (sneakers)
  • bathroom towel
  • Spectacles cord (for the persons concerned)