PAINTBALL in the Basque Country

From 22€.
PAINTBALL in the Basque Country Will you stay focused to achieve your objective?

New paintball in the Basque Country!

Close to Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet, Espelette or Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Cocktail Aventure is happy to welcome you to its new paintball field.

Paintball is a sporting activity that involves two teams. Equipped with a mask, an air gun called a “launcher”, a suit to protect your clothes and a neck protector, enter the arena to complete the mission you have been given, with your teammates facing the opposing team. If a ball touches you and paints you, then you are temporarily eliminated.

Adrenaline boost, will you be able to stay focused to achieve your goal?

The rules of paintball

To enforce the rules of paintball, you need a referee (no no, I see you coming, not a player randomly drawn by an innocent (supposedly) hand… A REAL referee (easy to soften…;)) ! You will be supervised by an operator trained for the activity in order to give you OUR paintball rules and especially to animate the game so that you can have a great time. If you feel like it or if you have a bad judgment from the referee, at the very end of the game he can join the paintball arena and join you to share this friendly moment.

Two teams confront each other, equipped with a paint gun called a launcher you have a mission to choose from among the scenario you choose (capture flag, trapped package, last survivor…) with often only one means…. repaint your opponent. Several strategies are possible, often only one leads to victory: team spirit! Rules of safety and common sense are given to you, such as keeping your mask and removing it only in the “safety zone”, keeping the cap on the paintball pitcher in the same zone, avoiding shooting at close range…

You have understood it, few rules in this game, the goal is to have fun so we count on you to be good child and accept to be “a little” splashed!


Who to play paintball with?

Few families with children ask to do so, but why not…. (be careful not to put children of 7 years old all the same…), we will favour teenagers from 12 years old.

Generally for a bachelorette party (EVJF) or a bachelor party (EVG), or even between friends or for a company seminar, this activity appeals to the greatest number of people.

If you are planning a bachelor or bachelor party, we recommend the Sparkling Formula.

But where is this paintball in the Basque Country?

Our paintball field is located more precisely in Saint Martin d’Arrossa, a pretty little Basque village on the banks of the Nive, only 15 minutes from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, 30 minutes from Bayonne, 35 minutes from Biarritz and 45 minutes from Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Are you looking to play paintball in Biarritz? Or paintball in Bayonne?  You are very close, so come and recharge your batteries in the Basque countryside and enjoy our land in the shade of the trees and on the banks of the Nive. If you have some energy left at the end of your game, you can combine the activity with one or more tree courses since our new adventure park is located next to the paintball field.

Don’t let this give you bad ideas…. like repainting participants in trees;)

Course of a paintball game with COCKTAIL AVENTURE

  • You are met by the operator on the base or in the field directly according to your reservation.
  • The equipment is distributed to you (paintball thrower, wetsuit, plastron, mask)
  • We fill the launcher tanks with 150 balls (possibility of having more).
  • The safety rules and good practices are set out for you.
  • You choose one scenario, it is possible to choose one or more others depending on the remaining balls.
  • You enter the “arena” with a strategic implementation.
  • Top! This is the start, you can think of yourself as “Picasso”.
  • Depending on the scenario, once affected, you go to the safety zone until the end of the scenario or for a set period of time.

The paintball equipment we offer you.

Concerned about offering quality activities we try to have good equipment, and because playing paintball with a stone thrower… it’s not practical! 🙂

The pitcher: Also called a pistol or marker. We buy from a specialist to ensure quality follow-up and spare parts. Our launchers are regularly serviced and cleaned after each use.

The mask: The mask is an essential tool for the safety of the practitioner, who protects you from balls in the eyes, face and forehead.

The chest: Like a vest by bullet, it is placed on the torso to protect from the impact of balls which, even soft, can sting a little (the magic side of the game even with a red paint, it leaves blue marks on the skin.)

The neck protector: This small neck protector adds additional protection to the neck protector, an area not protected by the mask.

The fabric suit: It is more a comfort than a safety element, because you will put it on top of your sports outfit and it will avoid rubbing the clothes on the way back.

The balls: These can be of different colors and in the end all the colors will look good on you. But we are really committed to protecting our environment, so our paint beads are biodegradable so as not to pollute nature and not stain trees indefinitely.


Provided equipment:
  • Paintball thrower
  • Paintball mask
  • Faceplate
  • Neck protector
  • Fabric integral suit
  • Ecological paintball balls (150)
Required equipment:
  • Sportswear
  • Water bottle
  • Motivation