Tree Park

From 6€.
Tree Park Tyrolean, monkey bridge, pirate net, footbridge,... so many workshops that will please you!

Our Accrobranche park in the Basque country near Biarritz, Bayonne, Anglet and Saint Jean Pied de Port.

We are happy to welcome you to our new tree park located in Saint Martin d’Arrossa. Only 35 minutes from BIARRITZ, ANGLET, BAYONNE and 15 minutes from Saint-Jean pied de Port. Located on a quiet and shaded “very natural” site on the banks of the NIVE, you will spend a moment of relaxation and laughter.

Our activity base in Bidarray allows you to enjoy the new tree and adventure park of the Basque Country among many other outdoor activities… Come and have fun with your family from 3 years old, for the age limit, only one test is required… “to be able to climb stairs”…;) !


Our Adventure Park in the Basque Country adapted to everyone and WITHOUT time limit!

Monkey bridge, Tyrolean, Pirate net, Gibbon jump, Rocker bridge, Flying carpet, Tyro “INDI”, Walking net, Slake Line, Tunnel, stirrup, chip jump, Footbridge… So many fun games and workshops in height that will surely please you. On our Adventure Park in the Basque Country, you will find a total of 58 different games and workshops, spread over 6 courses of different difficulty. A human-sized accrobranche park that provides you with a warm and friendly moment. Two very easy yellow courses for children from 3 years old, one green course, easy, from 7 years old, one blue course, moderately easy, from 12 years old, one red course, hard, from 12 years old and one black course, very hard for adults. The two yellow courses adapted to 3/6 year olds are at an adapted height (between 50cm and 1 meter) so that accompanying adults can follow the children and help them in the progress of the course, it is also the opportunity to share this moment with the family, have fun and laugh together and of course, take souvenir photos. You pay the entrance fee and access to the courses allocated to you according to your age and that’s it! You have no time limit and can repeat the courses as many times as you like. So come quickly as a family and enjoy this activity that we propose to you to have a great time!

Our Adventure Park is open from 10am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 6pm, seven days a week in July and August and by reservation from April to Mid-October. The last climbs in the courses are at 5:30 pm.



How is the Accrobranche activity going?

We advise you to call before coming to the site, if you decide to come at the last minute, we welcome you with great pleasure. Two possibilities, either you go to the Adventure Cocktail Base in BIDARRAY, where we do the Rafting and Canyoning departures, we will explain where our Adventure Park is located, or you go directly to the site in Saint Martin d’Arrossa. Once on site, an “Operator” or “Operator” (instructor trained to supervise the activity) welcomes you and equips you with a harness with its lanyards, pulley and hook. Once equipped, in the direction of the “initiation course”, there, the Operator explains how to evolve with the hook and how to use the pulley in order to be autonomous on the courses, moreover he will give you the safety instructions to respect on the games or workshops. Once the “initiation course” has been completed, in order to ensure that the instructions are properly understood, the operator presents the park to you with the different routes and difficulties, then directs you to the routes adapted to your age and your request. You are in difficulty or have a simple question about a game that you find hard or do not understand? Don’t panic, the operators remain on the ground and at your disposal to accompany you or intervene if necessary.

We advise you to come with long-sleeved pants and t-shirts to do the activity with maximum comfort.

Did you have a hard time? We advise you to extend your day or weekend with our formulas to do an aquatic activity.

Hanging and Adventure Park in the Basque Country in complete safety!

Our Adventure Park in the Basque Country is equipped with a continuous lifeline, maximum safety! You are equipped with a harness adapted and adjusted to your size, on this harness you have two lanyards (very strong strap that is used to be attached) a blue and an orange. On the blue lanyard you have a hook at the end, this one will allow you to evolve on the workshops in complete safety, on the orange lanyard is a pulley, this one will allow you to slide along the Tyrolean traverse. The continuous lifeline is a cable that goes from the beginning of the course to the end of the course without interruption, the cable is put in the hook at the beginning of the course, the hook follows our evolution throughout the games without ever being able to leave it, even a fall will not be able to make the hook leave the cable. This “continuous lifeline” system is increasingly adopted for adventure parks and tree climbing, it changes from the safety system with two carabiners where you have to unhook one carabiner while leaving the second one hooked to attach to the next game before unhooking the second one. The risk of this system is that you can unhook both carabiners at the same time and no longer find yourself safely attached. With the continuous lifeline, we can let participants and especially children evolve alone and with confidence.

The E.P.I. (Personal Protective Equipment), i. e. harnesses, lanyards and safety hook, are inspected regularly to ensure the condition of each one in order to offer you maximum safety. Before the park opens, every morning, operators inspect all courses to check the proper functioning of the games and the condition of the safety elements in order to open the adventure park to the public.

Adventure Park or Tree Park?

Often called Parc Accrobranche© this term is a trademark registered by the association “les accro-branchés®” for more than 20 years. This term was coined with the addition of the two words “acrobatic” and “branch”, which reflects the purpose of this outdoor activity, climbed to the top of the trees in complete safety, it is a kind of climbing in the trees or tree climbing. The term ACCROBRANCHE©, originally, does not refer to the Adventure Park activity, because its purpose is to move along a high course from tree to tree, and from one platform to another with different games or suspended workshops, combining skill, balance and sensations. The exact term is Acrobatic Height Park (PAH). A successful activity, since then, the term Accrobranche© has been adopted by the public to designate this outdoor activity. Let’s talk about Parc Aventure (the story of putting yourself in the shoes of an adventurer), this outdoor family activity, accessible to everyone, is created in two different ways. For Nature Adventure Parks, it is created in a forest using trees as a support, while respecting the natural environment. A forestry expert validates the construction every year to ensure that the assembly does not weaken the tree and that the trees are in good health. Artificial structures are built, when there is no usable forest, by pylons planting in the ground and scaffolding specially designed for this activity.


Rates and location of the Adventure Park in the Basque Country.

To find our Adventure Park, head towards the village of Saint Martin d’Arrossa, at the village level, leave the departmental road 918 and cross the bridge over the Nive. After the bridge, cross the railway and turn right immediately. After 500 metres, turn right and cross the railway again. You are on the right road… keep going straight and take the road that narrows and passes between houses, you arrive on a path. Continue on this track for 200 meters and park on the right-hand side of the parking lot.

Different prices and access to the Accrobranche Course depending on the age:

3/6 years old: 2 yellow courses: 6€

7/11 years old: 2 yellow courses + 1 green course: 12€

12/17 years old: 1 Green course + 1 Blue + 1 Red: 16€

+18 years old: 1 Green course + 1 Blue + 1 Red + 1 Black: 20€

We also offer booklets of 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 entries with discounts ranging from 5 to 20% discount.

Provided equipment:
  • Harness
  • Pulley with lanyard for zip line
  • Hook with lanyard for safety (non-detachable)
Required equipment:
  • Suitable sports clothing (preferably long sleeve t-shirt)
  • Closed sports shoes
  • Bottle or water bottle
  • Hair elastic for the persons concerned
  • Swimsuit for those who want to swim after the activities