Ideas to visit the region after our activities.

Adventure Cocktail, at your service

We are not a travel agency but do this job with passion. The passion to welcome you and to make you happy and have fun. We do this through our outdoor activities, and try to do so by informing you about what to do, see or taste in the surroundings.

Let’s be clear, we don’t give opinions, we just give you addresses that the Cocktail Aventure team was able to visit and liked so much that they shared the address. The recommendations we make are personal and cannot guarantee your satisfaction. Just because an address doesn’t appear on it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just that we haven’t had time to go yet… Moreover, the professionals of the Basque Country that we call them are not partners, so don’t expect to get a small discount, finally you can always try it by introducing yourself on behalf of COCKTAIL AVENTURE and you will see…!! 😉


Les restaurants au Pays Basque :

Je vais commencer par ce thème car qui ne connait pas la réputation du Pays Basque et de sa gastronomie…La charcuterie, la Piperade, l’Axoa, le Piment d’Espelette, le fromage de brebis, le Gâteau Basque…et j’en passe…

Alors commençons par les trois restaurants à BIDARRAY puisque c’est dans ce village que nous proposons nos activités. Quatre restaurants avec de fortes et différentes identités.

  •  Le restaurant NOBLIA : Petite auberge basque familiale située à 100 mètres de la base.
  • Le restaurant BARBERAENEA : Dans les hauteurs de BIDARRAY, au cœur du village, une histoire de famille.
  • L’auberge IPARLA : Belle vue sur les crêtes d’Iparla.
  • L’auberge OSTAPE : Restaurant gastronomique situé dans une vallée reculée de Bidarray, le paysage y est magnifique.

Restaurants in the Basque Country:

I will start with this theme because who does not know the reputation of the Basque Country and its gastronomy… The delicatessen, the Piperade, the Axoa, the Espelette pepper, the sheep’s cheese, the Basque cake… and so on…

So let’s start with the three restaurants in BIDARRAY since it is in this village that we propose our activities. Four restaurants with strong and different identities.

  •  Restaurant NOBLIA: Small family Basque inn located 100 meters from the base.
  • The restaurant BARBERAENEA: In the heights of BIDARRAY, in the heart of the village, a family history.
  • IPARLA Hostel: Beautiful view of the ridges of Iparla.
  • OSTAPE Inn: Gastronomic restaurant located in a remote valley of Bidarray, the landscape is magnificent.

Here is what is the case for restaurants, do not leave the beautiful village of Bidarray without going through “Le Gateau Basque de BIDARRAY”, probably one of the best in the Basque Country that I have ever tasted, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Drive 6 kms and stop at MENDI ALDE in OSSES, the next village after BIDARRAY, a simple and gourmet cuisine awaits you, a little further on in Saint Martin d’Arrossa, just next to our paintball field or that of our adventure park. You will find the ESKUALDUNA restaurant there, be careful not to eat too much before coming to do our activities!)

Go a little further inland and go to Saint Etienne de Baigorry to sit at a table and enjoy a good meal at the restaurant JUANTORENA, you will be pleasantly welcomed by Melanie, you may see her husband Bixente there but normally he struggles in the kitchen to surprise your taste buds.

Finally you arrive in Saint Jean Pied De Port, many are the restaurants, for my part I tried only one the CAFE TTIPIA, a small restaurant on the edge of Nive… pleasant.


Don’t worry, there are other addresses in the Basque country to share. Just give us time to finish the article. See you soon.